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Since the ENTIRE game just got released for free on origin… might as well put this together! This is a list of what I think are essential mods for any starting Sims 2 player. I didn’t want someone to have to download 500 different packages for the game to be “optimized”, and I didn’t want a bunch of samurai ninja sword wielding spongebob clones, so this list comprises of mods that visually match the game (known as Maxis Match) or mods that enhance gameplay significantly.  Have no idea how to download or install mods? Click here.

Feel free to pick and choose!!  But please make sure to get some of the fixes from More Awesome Than You!’s Hack Directory. Please, so you don’t corrupt your game.


ACR - Autonomous Casual Romance - Adds “casual” interactions to the game that occur autonomously depending on a mix of traits, such as aspiration, personality, whether or not the sim is married and more.  Definitely an awesome mod!

More Awesome Than You!’s Hack Directory - A mega pack, featuring bug fixes, added features, and some awesome debugging tools.  Basically essential.  If you’re feeling more adventurous, there is J. M. Pescado’s FFS Director’s Cut,guaranteed not to make your game explode in a big fiery ball visible from space unless you have somebody else’s hacks conflicting, because MY game hasn’t exploded in a big fiery ball visible from space.”

Water “half tile” flowers fix & Water inaccessible flowers fix

Centerpiece Enabler for Maxis Small Objects

I personally don’t play with it, but I know a lot of people who love Gunmod’s Radiance Light System

Cyjon’s Sims 2 Mods for if you want to download things individually


Vampire Hacks, on that note Night School

Pets and Children share Bed

Unlock ALL Maxis Pet Breeds, Collars & Fur Patterns - For the lazies at heart

There is also Community Time Project, which I do NOT recommend on a first install… to my knowledge it has a lot of bugs to it, and honestly you should play the game vanilla and see if you want to change it.


Remember: download only ONE default of each type at a time for your game! (I.e. only ONE alien skin tone at a time can be in your game!)

Honey Defaults & Honey Skins (and freckles!)- Adds 10 new skin colors to the game.  The new skin colors work genetically and will spawn on NPCs too - cool! If you’re looking for more “realistic” skins, Pooklet’s Rehash makes a great default.

Honey Supernatural Skins - Maxis Match improved skintones for the Supernaturals. If you’re looking for more “realistic” skins, Pooklet’s Rehash Supernaturals makes a great default.

Better Servos - I hate the base game servos.  So I’m including this AWESOME mod. 

Maxis Match Eye Pack - Adds a bunch of new Eye colors to the game and defaults them for better appearances.  There are a BUNCH of eye packs out there, trust me!  Including some more realistic eyes.  I personally use THESE Polaroid Edits… but no pressure.

The Ultimate Pet Eye Pack - Should be self explanatory.  Remember to pick only one!

There are also Default Face Templates (since the Maxis ones can be sort of silly!) such as this one by Trapping or This one at MTS2 or Around The World


Maxis Match Hair Pack by Simgaroop or EatFishCustard’s Mega Pack - Adds a whole bunch of Maxis Match hairs to the game. There are lots of other Maxis Match hairs out there, but these packs adds a bunch for you to play around with.

Maxis Match Skin Pack - Adds tons of new skin colors to the game.  The new skin colors work genetically too - cool! There are lots of awesome skin sets out there, though, like the Invasion Set.

MM Eyebrows and Makeup Improvements

Lilith Makeup Pack, Jessi Makeup Pack,”A Frick load of Face Stuff" - Just some neato makeup to make your sims look good

But wait, aren’t there a bunch of objects, houses, and clothing to download?  Yes, yes there are - but if you’re just starting off with the Sims 2 I recommend you don’t download any of it (or at least not a lot of it).  The Maxis stuff is great especially when it comes to objects - and plus if you download too much, trust me, you WILL be overwhelmed, since the ultimate pack includes the stuff packs as well!  This list is made with the original style of the game intact and to improve things but not change them completely. 

Then again, who the hell doesn’t want a Star Trek game?

I hope this list helped.  Trust me, there is a lot more out there, for example Keoni has some amazing resources linked that you should definitely check out and be sure to check out Garden of Shadows for some more great finds!

Also - follow me at my simblr if you want, because the end of every guide must include a shameless plug

Feel free to send me an ask to add to this list!!

Last Updated 7/29/14